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Back pain is a common complaint, affecting millions of individuals each year. It can derive from any number of causes, ranging from easily treatable conditions such as a minor strain or muscle spasm to more complex conditions involving pinched nerves, degenerated, herniated, or slipped discs, and spinal cord injury. Those who suffer from it know back pain can manifest in a variety of ways, from low intensity aches to sharp, debilitating agony. Those living with chronic back pain frequently experience a variety of secondary issues, including loss of mobility, sleeplessness, pain medication dependency, isolation, depression, and decreased quality of life.

Individuals whose severe back pain cannot be treated with medications, exercise, chiropractic treatment, or physical therapy may be candidates for minimally invasive spine surgery at Blue Valley Hospital. The Spine Surgery Team at Blue Valley specializes in minimally invasive treatment options designed to mitigate back pain and aid patients in resuming their everyday life activities. Our orthopedic and spine surgeons possess extensive knowledge and utilize surgical techniques that require only small incisions. Blue Valley Hospital offers full on-site radiology services including immediate access to advanced digital imaging. Kansas City patients considering spinal surgery or orthopedic surgery should schedule a primary evaluation with a surgeon to determine if surgery is the appropriate option.

Patient Outcomes are Top Priority for the Spine Surgeons at Blue Valley of Kansas City

If Your Suffer from Several Back Pain, Contact Blue Valley for a Consultation

If you are suffering from severe back pain that other medical therapies have failed to resolve, request a consultation appointment now at 913-378-1365. A Missouri Medicaid provider, Blue Valley Hospital prioritizes quickly scheduling patients for spinal surgery consultation.


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