Seeking a Weight Loss Surgery Clinic Near Me: Deciding to Live Your Best Life

Weight Loss Surgery Clinic Near Me

With so many people all over the world struggling with excess weight and obesity—according to data from The New England Journal of Medicine and other sources, as many as one in every three people is overweight—it’s no wonder that so many individuals are turning to friends, family, doctors, weight loss specialists, and even Google to try to find a “weight loss surgery clinic near me” where they can get answers to their questions, information about procedures, and learn more about the life-changing nature of  weight loss surgery.

While we often hear about an “obesity epidemic” in America, the fact is that it isn’t a problem that’s relegated to just one country, one region, or one population. In fact, the number of people classified as “obese” has doubled since 1980 in more than 70 countries all over the world. It is a problem that affects men and women, people of all ages, and individuals of just about every race, class, and ethnic group. And of course, obesity carries with it increased risks for a range of other health problems, including heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, high cholesterol, certain types of cancer, and more. So it’s no wonder that so many people get online to try to find a “weight loss surgery clinic near me” to help them deal with excess weight and find a better life.

Medical Benefits of Weight Loss Through Bariatric Surgery

Individuals who suffer from excess weight or obesity are also at increased risk for a variety of other comorbidities and health problems. These include osteoarthritis, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and certain types of cancers, to name just a few of the most common health problems associated with obesity. Obese individuals may also find themselves dealing with reduced mobility, chronic pain, shortness of breath, joint pain, fertility problems, and difficulty sleeping, all of which not only affect quality of life, but may also make it more difficult to lose weight via exercise or other lifestyle changes.

Fortunately, individuals who are suffering from excess weight or obesity can often get these comorbidities and conditions under control by getting their weight under control. The important thing to remember, however, is that, as with any health improvement, regaining quality of life through weight loss is a process. Minimally-invasive weight loss surgery isn’t a “quick fix,” and you may have to keep the weight off for some time before you start to see many of the medical benefits associated with weight loss through bariatric surgery. With a little patience, however, losing that excess weight may have health benefits that you didn’t even imagine before!

The Personal Benefits of Weight Loss

For many people, taking control of their weight is the first step to taking back control of their life. Especially for those individuals who have tried and failed to control their weight with diet and exercise programs, the struggle to lose weight can take a heavy toll on our mental and emotional energy, not to mention our jobs, our relationships, and our quality of life. Our weight may affect the time we spend with our children, our relationships with coworkers and loved ones, and our own mental health.

Besides the health problems that we mentioned above, individuals who struggle with excess weight or obesity are more likely to feel depressed due to social stigmas associated with obesity, and are more likely to struggle with body image issues. Dealing with the various health challenges associated with obesity, not to mention the damage that excess weight can do to your sleep and the mental toll it takes, can profoundly diminish your quality of life. For many people, getting control of their weight is the first step toward enjoying all that life has to offer. Most people who experience weight loss with the help of a weight loss surgery procedure say that getting their life back was one of the greatest benefits. Just ask Darlene from St. Louis, who lost more than a hundred pounds after her Gastric Sleeve surgery at Blue Valley!

It’s a Health and Body Transformation

Many people seek out a “weight loss clinic near me” when diets and exercise have let them down. They may be struggling with depression and anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and various other health issues including diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, high cholesterol, chronic pain, and many more. For these individuals, minimally-invasive weight loss surgery offers more than just a chance to lose weight. It’s a total transformation of their health and body, and a way for them to take back their lives.

At Blue Valley Surgical Associates, we understand how big a decision finding a “weight loss clinic near me” can be. That’s why we work with each one of our patients individually to find the weight loss solution that’s best for them. It’s also why we have weight loss surgical specialists at all of our eight locations in Kansas City, Independence, Springfield, Columbia, St. Louis, and Florissant. The weight loss specialists at any of our clinics can help you to discover the benefits of weight loss surgery and plan the weight loss option that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Even minimally-invasive weight loss surgery isn’t the right solution for everyone, so you can learn more by scheduling a consultation with one of the weight loss specialists at our clinics in Kansas City, Independence, St. Louis, Florissant, Springfield, or Columbia today. At Blue Valley Surgical Associates, our goal is to help you regain control of your life in a way that is healthy, comfortable, and tailored to your individual needs, challenges, and goals so that you can start enjoying your life to the fullest!

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