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No one likes to contemplate being injured while on the job, but the fact is that workplace injuries do occasionally happen. When you’ve experienced an injury on the job, it’s comforting to know that hassle-free help is available quickly from medical and surgical facilities that you can trust. That’s why Blue Valley Hospital offers fast track appointments for workers’ comp injuries, with a workers’ comp management team on staff to help make sure that everything is handled correctly and provide the care you need right away.

Every type of job can potentially be the site of a workplace accident, and workers’ compensation claims result from a number of different types of injuries, ranging from accidents to overexertion. The majority of workers’ comp claims filed each year stem from slips and falls, machinery accidents, repetitive motion injuries, automobile accidents, and others. Some of these result in major injuries that may require a trip to an emergency room or surgical center, while others are relatively minor injuries that may still lead to lost work, pain and suffering, and a potentially lengthy struggle to recover and return to normal.

Experts agree that any on-the-job injury, no matter how minor it may seem at the time, should be reported, and the individual who suffered the injury should consult a doctor as soon as possible. If filing a workers’ compensation claim becomes necessary, it will likely involve a lot of paperwork, including reports of the accident, medical bills, insurance forms, and any other related documentation. Given that those who have suffered a workplace injury are also dealing with the recovery process and the possibility of lost work, a lengthy or tedious filing process for their workers’ compensation claim can feel like insult on top of (literal) injury.

That’s where having a team of medical professionals who know the ins and outs of workers’ compensation claims can come in handy. In addition to offering fast track appointments for workers’ comp injuries that can get you in and get you the care you need with little or no waiting, the workers’ compensation team at Blue Valley Hospital also knows how to properly document everything to help the filing process go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Of course, handling a workers’ comp injury is about more than just getting you in quickly and helping to ensure that you have the documentation you need. Our first goal is to provide you with the best possible treatment in order to help you heal and get back on your feet. To that end, our multi-specialty providers offer everything from spinal care and pain management to MRI imaging and orthopedics, and much more. Whatever type of injury you may have suffered on the job, our experts will be able to diagnose and treat it quickly, with the best possible techniques and technology at our disposal.

Blue Valley Hospital is proud to serve patients in Kansas City, Independence, and beyond, with a focus on superior patient care and minimally invasive treatments designed to help you get back to work and back to your life. To schedule fast track appointments for workers’ comp injuries or just learn more about what Blue Valley Hospital has to offer, visit our website or stop by one of our many convenient locations.

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