Weight Loss Surgery Success


Darlene Before & After

Before coming to Blue Valley Hospital I weighed in at 329 lbs and found myself suffering from sadness and depression. I had dealt with many health issues throughout my 46 years including asthma, migraines, high blood pressure and severe sleep apnea. However, it was the day I was told that I showed signs of becoming diabetic that stopped me in my tracks. I literally shut down from the world and although it’s sad to say, I didn’t want to go on. But thankfully, my story doesn’t end there.

I knew something had to change and I needed to lose weight to regain my life. After wiping away all the tears I began searching for a bariatric surgeon. I called around to many hospitals and heard a lot of “no’s”. During my year of research I learned that many places would not take my insurance — another roadblock on my way to better health. But, glory be to God, I found BVSA and heard the friendliest voice on the other end who took my call and got my journey started.

When I was approved and my labs were back, I was so amazed at how well Blue Valley Hospital staff took care of me. It felt like I was their family, not just a patient. They even went out of their way to make my mom and daughter comfortable as they anxiously waited for me to come out of surgery.

*Eight months later, I’m now at 210 lbs and still losing. I show no signs of a diabetic issue or a thyroid issue. My folic acid levels look great, B12 is good and everything else just comes with age. This transformation is a continuing process. I have learned that I had surgery on my stomach but not my mind, so now it is about renewing my mind and embracing and loving a new me!

*Results may vary

St. Louis, MO
Gastric Sleeve Surgery, January 2015

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