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  • I had been in pain for about four months before my surgery. I had tried to find relief through consulting with my primary care physician, pain management treatment and an orthopedic surgeon without results. The intense pain in my back and legs made it difficult to walk and I wasn’t able to play golf anymore. I also had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t get comfortable and wasn’t able to turn over in bed. I came to Blue Valley Hospital to have the Minuteman spinal fusion procedure by Dr. Harold Hess. After my surgery I was able to get up and walk that same night. I found that my pain was gone within twenty-four hours and now, four weeks later, I am still pain-free.–Leslie Wiscombe, DO

  • I was experiencing intense low back pain caused by pinching of the nerves. I had a lot of pain and my feet were swollen, making it hard to get around. I decided to have spine surgery with Dr. Harold Hess at Blue Valley Hospital. Everyone at the hospital was very pleasant and nice. Dr. Hess implanted me with the Minuteman spinal fusion device about a month and a half ago.I felt pain relief immediately after my surgery. Now I’m able to get out and walk quite a bit. I would recommend this procedure to anybody.–Kathryn W.